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San Stefanos, Corfu
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San Stefanos, Corfu 49100, Greece

Boat & Eat

Boat and Eat in North East Corfu

What is the Boat and Eat travel experience on the north east coast of Corfu about?
When you hire a boat in north east Corfu you are opening the door to a very unique eating experience as well.
Food and travel have always gone hand in hand.
In this case it is either about doing it yourself or choosing between many water front restaurants to taste what the north east coast of Corfu really is about.
There is a certain exhilarating sense of freedom one feels by going back to the roots.
Small fish are easy to catch off the end of your hired boat. If you are carefully gentle and know how, picking your own sea urchins for an al fresco lunch is simply the best meal on the rocks.

Rent a boat in San Stefano

When you rent a boat in San Stefano your eating options are many.
Most beaches and coves along the north east coast of Corfu have a small wooden jetty you can easily moor your boat on. Hopping on and off wherever meets your fancy is part of the north east coast Boat & Eat experience.
It is about independence, adventure and the luxury of not needing to drive a car.
Boat hire in San Stefano means that you can hop on to your hired boat early in the morning and return late in the evening.

Places to eat in North East Coast

Head south towards Kerasia Beach for your best large family option restaurant. The food here is great, the atmosphere is vibrant and the beach is large enough for everyone.
Agni beach restaurants are well known the island over and epitomise the north east coast Boat & Eat experience.
There are three restaurants on Agni Beach to choose from all of which do their outmost to offer better, tastier, fresher food than the next. All three restaurants have a jetty out front with an eager member of staff awaiting your arrival to help with mooring your vessel.
There is also Kalami Beach and Nissaki restaurant on the rocks to consider if only for a scenic Greek coffee and refreshing ice cream.
Of course when you rent a boat at San Stefano you can always come back to one of the many tavernas in this picturesque north east coast fishing village.


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