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San Stefanos, Corfu
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San Stefanos, Corfu 49100, Greece

Sailing the Straits of Corfu

The Straits of Corfu or the Corfu Channel as it is also known is the narrow body of water between the coasts of Albania and Greece.

The channel  stretches only a nautical mile and a half between the ancient Corfu port of Kassiopi to its west and the city of Agii Saranda to the east. Not only is it a passage from the Adriatic Sea in the north to the Ionian Sea in the south, but a historical landmark in its own right for many battles have been fought for reign over this Mediterranean ‘portal’ between the Occident and the Orient.

The Straits of Corfu are impressive to look at particularly as large cruise ships sail by.

Thus for your own pending adventure it is interesting to note that the north east coast of Corfu is a national border, a historical landmark and a breathtaking sight all at once. Renting a small boat and dipping from cove to cove is the best way to get a feel for such a unique maritime location.

Before communist Albania opened its borders to the western world the Straits of Corfu where a one sided story.

If you but put a toe into Albanian waters a very threatening lot indeed would turn up and wave you away at best. Many tried to escape their regime by swimming over. As one can imagine these waters are laden with memories of many a survivor.

Today the Straits of Corfu are the front garden of some of the most beautiful and luxurious private villas in Greece.

Sotiris’ boats set sail right onto the Straits of Corfu from San Stefano harbour. By hiring your boat with us you can you can find out all you need to know about navigating these ancient waters at you own leisure.


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