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San Stefanos, Corfu
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San Stefanos, Corfu 49100, Greece

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Vessel Operating Rules

We provide some basic knowledge of operating a boat for your safety.


  1. First when we entering a boat we must know the weather.
  2. Always have a mobile phone with us.
  3. Check the fuel.
  4. Put the key in the lock and quick stop in position.
  5. Press trim in down position until the engine descend down and the propeller be into the water.
  6. Check if the gearbox is set to neutral (otherwise it doesn’t start)
  7. Open the back closet where the fuel is and inflate the bubble until the filter filled with gasoline.
  8. Turn the key ( in the morning use the prime start)
  9. The engine must work at idle.
  10. Put the passengers into the boat (children under 7 years old or adults who do not know how to swim must wear lifejacket).
  11. Solve the front line from the pier.
  12. Go back, solve the anchor rope from the cleat and lift the anchor.
  13. When we raise the anchor, we go to gearbox, press the red lever and bring down the joystick by reversing (always leave in reverse).
  14. Go back to avoid ropes and anchors of other vessels.
  15. Return the gearbox in the middle leaving the gear in neutral.
  16. Turn the steering wheel to the side where we want to go.
  17. Press the red lever and put the lever on the front.
  18. Do not need to keep the red lever, since we put first gear.
  19. All the passengers must seat in the boat, no one hangs, no one jumps off the boat before the pilot shut down the engine and cast the anchor.
  20. If a passenger falls in the water, turn the wheel to the side that the passenger is so removing the propeller from him and throw the lifejacket and hold the tip of the rope that is on the front cabinet with the lifejackets.
  21. To begin the process to anchor our boat, we decrease speed when we enter the port.
  22. We have the lowest speed, on a neutral gear, and 15 to 20 meters before we throw the anchor from the back of the boat.
  23. If necessary, we speed forward until we arrive to the pier.
  24. Tie the boat with the front rope and tie the rope of the anchor.
  25. Turn off the machine, pull the key and the quick stop.
  26. Put the button trim to lift the machine.